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Alma manages communication and outreach for the team. She has had the privilege of being educated in different countries across the globe. This gives her unique insight into how school systems can improve.

Alma currently works in the California State Legislature where she tracks COVID-19's impact on education. She earned her B.S. in Health and Communications along with another B.S. in Biochemistry from a small liberal arts college in the Napa Valley.  

Alma joined Team Blan because she believes in Andrew’s commitment to San Juan’s students. Andrew’s vision to make sure students have a strong start to their educational career in pre-k, as well as a solid foundation to move onto higher education, is exactly what San Juan School District needs for their students to thrive.

Kaila Cooper manages our field and fundraising operations. She has volunteered on several campaigns to elect progressive Democrats to local seats.


She was a Field Organizer for San Diego’s Democrats for Equality, and has held student advocacy positions during her time at San Diego State University. She is now a Fellow in the California State Assembly where she works as a Legislative Aide.


Kaila believes that systemic injustice is overt, and the only way to fix it is to elect people to positions of power who are willing to do the hard work of dismantling it and who have innovative ideas to replace it. Kaila earned her BA in Political Science and her BA in Urban Studies from San Diego State University. 

Ben manages our platform and policy positions. A product of public education himself, he believes that education should prepare not only good workers but good citizens as well.

Ben is a Fellow in the State Assembly where he works on K-12 education and higher education policy issues. He received his B.S. from UC Berkeley where he studied environmental policy. Ben was active in student government and community outreach at Chabot Community College. He has worked in a congressional district office, an environmental law firm, and has volunteered for several other campaigns.


Ben is from the Bay Area and currently lives in Sacramento. He joined Team Blan to put San Juan Unified School District in the best position possible for the challenging times ahead.